"Through it all, since the day when we met, there was you for me and me for you. That hasn't changed. That will never change."

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     Hello, All you Beautiful creatures of Creation!!! This is Mike and Laura Deane! We are Slim and Red and have been since 2011. We both came from musical backgrounds with many family members being able to play multiple instruments and sing. Mike's interest in playing music began around age 16 when he started learning how to play the bass. His parents purchased him a Hamer bass, November 11th 1997, to hone his skills with. Less then 2 months later, he played and sang in his first show with his brother Kevin and his friend H. He then picked up the guitar about 6 months later and used that to write his songs with. Since then, he has been in and out of a couple bands and has recorded some of his own work.

     Laura started singing at the young age of 4 and at the age 15 started learning to play the guitar on her dads' vintage electric. For her 16th birthday, her dad surprised her with a Cort acoustic and at that point she worked on singing and playing together. For a while, Laura played in a praise and worship group with her uncle and aunt, but then slowly lost interest as teenagers do. Although Laura sang in church, chorus, and for her family - a lot, her first major audience was the psych and social program at her high school where she sang and played guitar with her friend Jackson, who played the piano. Laura has since entered and won multiple local singing contests and is ready to stat writing original works (which she has by now, as this was written long ago).

     Being together since 1998 and being married since 2000, one could only wonder why we didn't start playing music together much earlier. But everything happens for a reason, and our time happens to be right now. Added to our old musical skills are: drums, piano, ukulele and whatever else we can get our hands on or feel is needed in our music. Thanks for checking us out! And don't forget to check out David Esh at www.gravelroadpro.com and Evan Deane at www.evandeane.com. Much Love and Excelsior!!!

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